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Rates & Connection Fees

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94 Spring Lake Dr., Danielsville, GA 30633, 706-795-2786



Water Rate and Fee Schedule


Billing Account Establishment Fee                                         $50.00

Disconnect/Reconnect Fee for non-payment                         $75.00

Meter Tampering Fee                                                             $100.00

Returned Check Fee                                                                $40.00


Water service is provided to retail metered customers with up to 3000 gallons of water included in the base bill. All additional water is billed at $6.50 per thousand gallons. Minimum bills are based on the meter size of service shown in the table below. Size of meter service must be approved by Water Superintendent.


Meter Size          Monthly Base Fee             Connection Fee       Fire Line Fee

¾”                         $25.00                                  $1,550                                  N/A

1”                          $40                                         $1,850                                  N/A

1 ½”                      $50                                         Requires Quote                  N/A

2”                          $60                                         Requires Quote                  N/A

3”                          $200                                      Requires Quote                  $200

4”                          $250                                      Requires Quote                  $250

6”                          $500                                      Requires Quote                  $500

8”                          $600                                      Requires Quote                  $600

12”                       $1000                                    Requires Quote                  $1000


Bulk tank water sales will be accommodated at designated locations following tank inspection and approval by Madison County water personnel. Hydrant sales are allowed with a maximum 1” meter. Hydrant and Bulk rate is $13.00 per thousand gallons. We take water theft seriously as it endangers the public. Violators will be prosecuted.


Effective: August 1, 2021

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